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OpenAI has postponed the much-anticipated launch of ChatGPT Advanced Voice Mode, initially planned for June. This delay is sparking a debate. Is this a sign of responsible development, or is OpenAI struggling to meet its ambitious promises? Let's examine...

Today’s Summary:

  • OpenAI delays ChatGPT Voice Mode

  • Google expands Gemini

  • New Claude AI collaborative tools

  • Amazon Metis secret chatbot project

  • Stability AI gets new CEO

  • Alter-3: the latest GPT-4 robot

  • 2 new tools


OpenAI Delays ChatGPT Voice Mode

The Summary: OpenAI has postponed the launch of ChatGPT new advanced Voice Mode, initially set for late June. The company states it needs more time to fine-tune safety measures, but this delay has left many users impatient.

A small alpha group will gain access to the feature in July, while Plus users will wait until fall. OpenAI aims to ensure the feature meets high safety and reliability standards before wide release.

Source: OpenAI

Key details:

  • Advanced Voice Mode impressed in a May 2024 demo

  • Launch now delayed by at least one month, potentially longer

  • OpenAI cites need for improved content filters and robust infrastructure

  • Full access for Plus users expected in fall 2024, timeline dependent on meeting safety standards

  • Competitors like Anthropic Claude 3.5 Sonnet now matching or surpassing ChatGPT-4o in some areas

  • OpenAI quietly rolled out its Mac desktop app to all users

Why it matters: This delay shows growing tensions between rapid AI development and safety requirements. While some call for caution, others see it as overpromising and underdelivering. It raises questions about OpenAI’s long-term ability to maintain its innovation lead and user loyalty.


Google Expands Gemini AI Across Gmail and Chrome

The Summary: Google is expanding Gemini AI integration across its products. Gmail users can now access Gemini in the side panel for email summaries and drafting assistance.

Chrome Canary (a future version of Chrome, currently tested by developers) just added Gemini Nano for local AI processing. This on-device model runs offline and can deliver hyper-fast results without sending any data to the cloud.

Source: Gemini Nano speed demo in Chrome Canary

Key details:

  • Gemini in Gmail offers thread summaries and drafting help

  • Gemini features in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive

  • Available to Google Workspace customers with Gemini add-ons and Google One AI Premium subscribers

  • Chrome Canary includes Gemini Nano for local AI processing

  • Gemini Nano (1.8B and 3.25B parameters) runs hyper-fast on device with low RAM usage

  • Expected to appear in Chrome for all users this year

Why it matters: The expansion of Gemini AI across Google ecosystem is a new step in integrating AI into everyday productivity tools. By integrating on-device AI processing in Chrome, Google is also preparing new hyper-fast AI features while addressing privacy concerns.


Anthropic launches new "Projects" collaboration tools to Claude AI

The Summary: Anthropic has added new "Projects" tools to Claude AI. These tools allow Pro and Team users to organize chats into Projects, bringing together knowledge and chat activity. Users can also share insights with teammates, upload relevant documents, and customize instructions for each project. The update aims to improve collaboration and productivity for teams working with AI.

Source: Anthropic

Key details:

  • Available for Pro and Team plans

  • Powered by Claude 3.5 Sonnet with 200K context window, equivalent to a 500-pages book

  • Users can upload documents to ground Claude knowledge

  • Custom instructions can be set for each Project

  • Multiple permission levels for data security (private, public, or shared)

  • Data shared within Projects not used to train models without explicit consent

  • UI updated for free users as well, adding a list of chats on the left sidebar, a search feature in chat history and starred chats

Why it matters: This new update positions Claude as a strong competitor in the AI-assisted workplace productivity market. By focusing on accelerated product releases, team collaboration and knowledge management, Anthropic addresses critical needs in enterprise environments. Providing Claude with organization-specific data solves the "cold start" problem in AI, making it more accessible and useful for businesses.


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🥇 New tools

  • Relay - AI-powered automations with a human in the loop

  • Thryve - AI companion for free emotional and wellbeing support

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