🍏 Apple Intelligence Coming to Vision Pro

PLUS: Musk Grok 2 Launch Date

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Apple is quietly revolutionizing its ecosystem with AI. The tech giant plans to bring Apple Intelligence to Vision Pro and is rumored to be developing AirPods with built-in cameras. Let's explore...

Today’s Summary:

  • Apple expands AI to Vision Pro

  • Elon Musk announces Grok 2 launch date

  • Meta unveils HOT3D for AR/VR

  • Runway Gen-3 text-to-video is now available

  • Adept AI acqui-hired by Amazon

  • 3 new tools


Apple Intelligence Coming to Vision Pro, AirPods with Cameras

The Summary: Apple is further expanding its AI capabilities across its product line. The company plans to bring Apple Intelligence to the Vision Pro headset. Rumors also suggest AirPods with built-in cameras are in development to enhance spatial audio. While Apple Intelligence will start free, the company may introduce paid tiers for advanced features in the future, similar to its iCloud model.

Source: Apple

Key details:

  • Apple Intelligence coming to Vision Pro headset

  • Vision Pro 16GB of memory is sufficient for running advanced AI

  • AirPods with infrared cameras rumored to be in development

  • Apple Intelligence+ subscription reportedly in the works

  • Apple rejected partnership with Meta Llama chatbot

  • iOS 19 development has begun

Why it matters: This expansion of AI features across Apple ecosystem signals a move in the company's strategy. As hardware innovation slows, Apple is betting on software and AI to drive growth and device upgrades. As Apple continues to develop both the Vision Pro and Apple Intelligence, we can expect to see increasingly sophisticated AI applications in mixed reality, potentially redefining how we interact with digital content and our environment.


Elon Musk Announces Grok 2 Chatbot Launch Date

The Summary: Elon Musk has announced the launch of Grok 2 in August. This new version aims to improve quality by purging bad data from training sets. Musk claims it will top current AI in all areas. The update comes just months after Grok 1.5 April release. Musk also teased Grok 3, set for a year-end launch after training on 100,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs.

Key details:

  • xAI’s Grok 2 scheduled for August release

  • Focus on purging synthetic training data

  • Musk claims it will beat current AI metrics

  • Grok 3 planned for end of 2024, to train on 100,000 H100 GPUs

Why it matters: xAI Grok rapid development shows Musk’s commitment to AI. The focus on purging existing AI from training data could lead to higher quality AI outputs. Grok 3 massive GPU investment also hints at at a major leap in capabilities.


HOT3D Dataset Opens New Doors for AR and VR Research

The Summary: Meta has unveiled HOT3D, a new dataset for AI research in 3D hand-object interactions. It includes over one million frames from various perspectives, captured by Meta Project Aria glasses and Quest 3 VR headset.

HOT3D features synchronized video recordings, high-quality 3D pose annotations of hands and objects, and 3D object models with PBR materials. The dataset aims to improve AI understanding of how humans manipulate objects, which remains a key challenge in computer vision research.

Source: Meta

Key details:

  • Contains over 800 minutes of egocentric video recordings

  • Includes data from subjects interacting with different everyday objects

  • Features scenarios in kitchen, office, and living room

  • Provides precise 3D annotations for hands and objects using motion capture

  • Offers high-quality 3D models with detailed geometry

  • Includes gaze direction data and head position information

Why it matters: HOT3D could enable better robots and XR interactions. The dataset has potential applications in robot manual skills learning, helping AI assistants understand user actions, and enabling new input capabilities for AR/VR users. By providing a comprehensive dataset for hand-object interaction research, Meta aims to accelerate progress in this field and create new opportunities for AI-powered applications.


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What ChatGPT achieved was to pass the Turing Test, which had been the Holy Grail of AI for 70 years, and that's a really extraordinary achievement, which raises all sorts of big picture questions. What does it mean to be a human being in 2024?


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